Pippi Finance has as part of its product and services delivery the following products which are all painstakingly designed to ensure users of each of the products get the best out of them.
These are:
Pippi SWAP
Pippi FARM

Pippi Swap

Pippi Swap will be upgraded to V2, which will add a liquidity protection mechanism so that each liquidity provider always gets back the same value he/she originally deposits plus trading fees through a novel concept called Impermanent Loss Insurance. Impermanent Loss Insurance accrues over time, by 1% each day, until 100% protection is achieved after few days in the pool.


Empower more NFT collections' value and connect them to Pippi financial products, all earnings will be used to purchase $PIPI and burned


Support more excellent projects to launch on HECO, building a stronger HECO ecosystem, and burn more $PIPI at the same time

Market Prediction Tool

Predict market developments and tokens' prices, bring online finance into DAPPs, and all $PIPI services fee will be burned


Lottery, Blind Box, etc...


Please stay tuned and follow Pippi Finance for the latest updates
Last modified 2yr ago