Supplying Assets

The currently supported assets are listed here Based on the different implementation of HT and HRC-20 tokens, we have to utilize two similar processes:
  • The HT supply method
  • The HRC20 token supply method
Like mentioned earlier, when someone supplies an asset to the protocol, they are given pTokens in exchange. The method for getting pHT is different from the method for getting pETH, pUSDT, or any other pToken for an HRC-20 asset.
When supplying HT to the Pippi Lending, an application can send HT directly to the payable mint function in the pHT contract. Following that mint, pHT is minted for the wallet or contract that invoked the mint function. Remember that if you are calling this function from another smart contract, that contract needs a payable function in order to receive HT when you redeem the pTokens later.
The operation is slightly different for pHRC20 tokens. In order to mint pHRC20 tokens, the invoking wallet or contract needs to first call the approve function on the underlying token’s contract. All HRC20 token contracts have an approve function.
The approval needs to indicate that the corresponding pToken contract is permitted to take up to the specified amount from the sender address. Subsequently, when the mint function is invoked, the pToken contract retrieves the indicated amount of underlying tokens from the sender address, based on the prior approve call.