Polygon Chain

Factory: 0x43cE21cdceeC70828220DF623b3B183D86eD1DB2
INIT_CODE_PAIR_HASH: 0x39049b80b4bd4fa78c175418c9994a334451144332c03e8b77b994857fc62178
Router: 0x07839F6F3CD0BB5b92F51c4fAc3Ab6d62cB16B47
PIPI: 0x1732477eDd2C494c596570A63cb1D8BDd0a8c40D
When a token swap (trade) is conducted on the exchange, there is a 0.2% trading fee, which is broken down as follows:
0.02% - Returned to liquidity pools in the form of a fee reward for liquidity providers
0.01% - Sent to the Pippi Finance Treasury (50% to burn)