1. What is Pippi Finance?

Pippi Finance is a Heco Smart Chain-powered DEX and AMM that allows anyone to swap HRC-20 tokens efficiently and safely.

2. What's the vision of Pippi Finance?

By plugging into the various ecosystem, Pippi aims to provide the best experience across all assets, we aim to be the future of trading.

3. What is yield farming?

Yield farming is an innovative DeFi concept where users stake or lend their crypto assets in order to receive returns.

4. How do I use Pippi Finance?

You can participate in Pippi Finance in four ways:
    • Swap: AMM that allows anyone to swap HRC-20 tokens efficiently and safely
    • Farm: As a farmer, you can earn a higher yield by providing liquidation for our swap.
    • xPIPI: Get xPippi, to earn our partners' token
    • IDO: To participate in the initial dex offerings of other Heco projects

5. Is it safe to use Pippi Finance?

All the farm contracts deployed are owned by the Time Lock contract. That means users will have ample time to withdraw their funds and exit safely in the case of any malicious attempt.
Pippi is auditted by Armors Labs, the official auditing partner of Huobi. Audit report: https://pippi.finance/static/media/Pippi%20Shrimp_audit.1cd63cbb.pdf

6. What is PIPI token?

Ticker: PIPI
PIPI token is a governance token of the Pippi Finance platform. It will also capture the economic benefits of the protocol. There will be a maximum of 100 million PIPI tokens.
IDO: 8% (8,000,000)
FARMING:70% (70,000,000, Emission: 22 $PIPI per block)
AIRDROP TO Community: 2% (2,000,000)
Community Treasury: 20% (20,000,000\, locked in 3 month)
For more details, please visit our documentation page: tokenomics page

7. What is xPIPI token?

Ticker: xPIPI
25% of PIPI emissions are distributed to xPIPI holders every block. Users can claim these rewards and re-invest them.
    • PIPI holders can swap PIPI for xPIPI at a 1:1 ratio.
    • PIPI is distributed proportionally at each block based on xPIPI holdings.
    • xPIPI is also used to earn tokens from xPIPI Pools (Coming soon).

8. What are all the relevant smart contract addresses?

You may find them in our transparency page here

9. What are Pippi's official media channels?